75 BaoBab Seeds (Very easy and good for Bonsai) free shipping (USA)

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The story goes that the gods were angry and planted it with the roots upwards.
BaoBab is something all by itself.
In the savanna, they are used by poachers who hide their prey there (picture taken by me in Mikumi on our first safari).send a list of instructions as well. Cites Certificate has itself.
When I visited Africa for the first time in 2016, I first fell for this tree.
Since then, myself and many others have grown this tree in the living room or in the conservatory.
This was the first plant that did not grow quickly in my care.
You might know the book about the little prince!! (the Christmas calendar)
All necessary certificates are available.
It takes from 3-28 weeks to get them to germinate. Grow it like me, like Bonsai.

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